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Research & Studies

Fancy Color Diamonds, A Guardian Angel for the Next Generations

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it unprecedented chaos. Angry mobs looting Fifth Avenue stores and a complete lack of clear governmental policy has left many high-net-worth individuals with a feeling of uncertainty, tempting investors to seek out portable forms of wealth. During this period of upheaval, and in light of the attention the Fancy Color […]
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The Next Era of Fancy Color Diamond Supply

Secondhand market takes the lead over mining  Over the last decade, traditional mining has failed to satisfy the market demand for exceptional Fancy Color Diamonds. At the same time, following the natural succession of generations, the pre-owned market for rare Fancy Color Diamonds seems to be taking the lead. The low volume of exotic, unearthed […]
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The Last Diamond Unearthed: The Countdown is On!

By the time your grandchildren buy their first diamond, most mines will have reached the end of their life cycle and most diamonds will be sourced from the second-hand market. These circumstances will make the pre-owned diamond arena the largest “mine” in the world. The vast majority of the world’s unearthed diamonds are located 150-750 […]
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A blocked Stone Report

A GIA report with a mixed format was sent to the FCRF by one of our members. We were asked to clarify this interesting grid, as the GIA doesn’t attach an explanation for these rarely seen reports.
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Undertones VS modifiers

In the world of fancy color diamonds, we apply a large number of terms to describe a stone. Some of these terms portray the stone’s general beauty, some its gemological attributes, and some its color. Many terms were invented by the GIA and became industry standards after decades of use. Other terms, such as “Tint, Tone, Shade, Pure, Dirty, Sweet, a touch of…”, etc.
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Why are Zimmi Vivid Yellow Diamonds So Special?

The FCRF continually brings members the highest quality data in order to add more talking points to the fancy color diamond sales process. As part of these efforts, we have asked a preeminent diamond expert to shed light on one of the most desirable items in the fancy color world: The exceptional Vivid Yellow diamonds that are mined next to a small village by the name of Zimmi in Sierra Leone. This article explains why these stones have unique saturation that fetches extremely high prices.
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The Risk in Fancy Color Diamond Manufacturing

In this article FCRF continues to raise awareness about issues that are generally hidden from the professional public. In a unique achievement, FCRF was able to get hold of a fully documented case in which the polishing of a high value stone went terribly wrong, with photos that illustrate each stage. This is an exceptional opportunity to illustrate the risks that manufacturers face and the possible gloomy outcome.
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Defining “Not Applicable”

After conducting a small survey among diamond wholesalers, we recognized an uncertainty in the trade regarding the term “Not Applicable”, which appears on GIA fancy color reports. Collectively, wholesalers felt that this term does not express a desirable attribute – but they could not clearly explain its implications.
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‘Bubbles’ in Diamonds?

Although this article does not discuss fancy color diamonds it is a relevant topic for all diamond industry professionals, as this phenomenon is very common in fancy color, particularly in pink diamonds.
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Market Size, retail and customer segments,
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