Philippe Scordia
Directeur Haute-Joaillerie

CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE is highly invested in educating our global sales staff on the beauty and rarity of fancy color diamonds. The cooperation with the FCRF, allowing us access to innovative products, would serve to deepen and expand our educational capabilities in the future”

Nicole Snitman
GIA DG, AJP - Vice President

We really like the rarity tool on the FCRF site. It has been quite beneficial for us when we are selling a diamond because we can visibly quantify to our clients just how valuable these diamonds are. We already know how beautiful and rare natural fancy color diamonds are - but to show someone an "exceptionally rare" rating on a report is so rewarding to see on paper from such a trusted industry source as the FCRF.

Sri Lakshmi

The FCRF has been an invaluable tool to utilize for myself and clients. The rarity evaluator, fancy color index and researched auction results are a unique asset at your fingertips.

Deepak Sheth

The Fancy Color Research Foundation is the definitive authority on natural fancy color diamonds. FCRF has provided my business with invaluable insight and data that helps us make informed decisions. We commend the FCRF team on providing exceptional research and commentary