The FCRF Evaluation Service

We identified a growing need for reliable and objective evaluations which are not driven by any interest. The service is based on profound and wide industry knowledge extracted from real time B2B transactions.

The FCRF is the only organization that provides an objective B2B evaluation service for Fancy Color Diamonds, made by the world industry’s experts.

Our clients are diamond traders, Jewelry designers, professional appraisers, diamond investment companies, financial institutions, family offices and more.
*B2B Only

The Evaluation Rationale

  • Each fancy color diamond has a unique combination of characteristics and each diamond is one of a kind; as such, an identical example for comparison will not be available and similar examples will be misleading.
  • The FCRF evaluation methodology is based on fancy color diamond parameters that do not appear on the GIA report. We analyze the unique characteristics of the diamond, such as inner grade, color dispersion, undertone, depth, general aesthetics, clarity, provenance, the brand premium and so forth and will relate to the exact price on current or past time.

Evaluation Procedure

  • Once your evaluation request is approved, the FCRF’s evaluation committee will review the diamond information and provide a report, citing the value range.
  • The identity of the diamond’s owner remains anonymous to the committee at all times and throughout the evaluation process.
  • The evaluation range will reflect a retail buying price* accompanied with a remark stating that a substantial margin could be added to the diamond when sold in a piece of jewelry by retailer. The retail buying price refers to any independent businesses that engages in selling finished jewelry as a luxury product to the end consumer. The evaluation report will be forwarded by email within 7-10 business days.

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