FCDI Q1 2024

FCRF: Q1 2024 Sees Modest Uptick in Fancy Color Diamond Prices 

New York, May 9th, 2024: The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) announced today the Q1 2024 Fancy Color Diamond Index (FCDI) results.

In the first quarter of 2024, the market demonstrated overall stability with minor pricing changes. The average price of fancy color diamonds experienced a modest uptick of 0.1%. The Fancy Vivid category continued its upward trend, recording an increase of 0.4%, mirroring the growth observed in the previous quarter. The Fancy Intense category rebounded slightly, rising by 0.1% after a period of stagnation. However, the Fancy category faced a decline, with prices decreasing by 0.7%.

In terms of the performance of specific colors, the Pink Fancy Vivid category performed well this quarter, with the 1-carat size achieving the highest increase of 2.1%, followed by the 1.5-carat size at 1.9%, and both 2-carat and 5-carat sizes seeing a 1.1% rise. Additionally, the 8-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow increased by 1.1% 

Over the past 12 months, the top climbers were the 1-carat Fancy Vivid Pink with an impressive 12.3% increase, the 1-carat Fancy Intense Pink with a 9.5% rise, and the 8-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow with a 9.1% increase. Conversely, the top sliders included the 10-carat Fancy Blue with a decline of 4.6%, the 8-carat Fancy Pink with a reduction of 4.1%, and the 2-carat Fancy Blue with a decrease of 2.9%.

The overall Yellow category showed a stable quarter-on-quarter performance with a slight decrease of 0.1%. In this category, the 8-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow outperformed, registering an increase of 1.1%, complemented by gains of 0.6% and 0.5% in the 3-carat and 1.5-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow categories, respectively. The 8-carat Fancy Intense Yellow also exhibited positive dynamics, marking an improvement of 0.3% this quarter, a rebound from the previous quarter’s stagnation. Despite these gains, the quarter also experienced declines, with the Fancy Intense category decreasing by 0.3%, and the Fancy category by 1.0%, with more pronounced reductions of 2.0% in the 5-carat Fancy Yellow and 1.9% in the 10-carat Fancy Yellow. Over the last 12 months, the Fancy Vivid Yellow category recorded the highest increase of 3.0%, with the Fancy Intense category following at a 1.0% increase.

Pink Diamonds showed sustained interest this quarter, with a subtle increase of 0.2% reflecting stable market conditions. Leading the growth within this segment, the Fancy Vivid Pink category exhibited a quarterly increase of 0.8%, underscored by a notable 2.1% increase in the 1-carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds. The Fancy Intense Pink category followed with an increase of 0.3%. Despite these positive trends, the market also observed some decreases: Fancy Pink diamonds declined by 0.6%, with sharper declines of 2.5% in the 10-carat Fancy Pink, 1.3% in the 5-carat Fancy Pink, and 0.8% in the 8-carat Fancy Pink. 

This quarter’s top performers predominantly came from the Vivid Pink category, with four out of the top five climbers: 2.1% increase for 1ct, 1.9% for 1.5ct, and 1.1% each for 2ct and 5ct, highlighting the strong market preference for higher-intensity Pink diamonds.

In Q1 2024, the Blue Diamond category observed a slight marginal decrease of 0.4% in average prices. Despite this overall decrease, certain segments within the Blue diamonds category showed positive growth. Notably, the Fancy Intense Blue 2-carat diamonds demonstrated stability with a 0.6% increase, recovering from a previous quarter’s decrease of 0.4%. Furthermore, the 1.5-carat Fancy Intense Blue diamonds saw a modest growth of 0.2%. The 5-carat Fancy Blue category also displayed a recovery, posting a 0.1% increase after a 0.5% decrease in the previous quarter.


Since beginning its data collection in 2005, the Fancy Color Research Foundation has documented a remarkable growth across all Fancy Color Diamonds, with an overall increase of 212.9%. Specifically, Yellow diamonds have risen by 59.0%, Pink diamonds have risen by 399.4%, and Blue diamonds have increased by 249.0%.

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FCRF Data Supplier David Shara said:

“Seeing the fluctuations of most financial markets and the underperformance of colorless diamonds, it’s reassuring to witness colored diamonds as an island of stability in this financial climate”

Category Q1/24 vs. Q4/23


Q1/24 vs. Q4/23


All Fancy Color Diamonds 0.1% 1.0%
All Yellow Fancy Color Diamonds -0.1% 1.7%
All Pink Fancy Color Diamonds 0.2% 0.9%
All Blue Fancy Color Diamonds -0.4% -0.5%


The Fancy Color Diamond Index is published by the non-profit Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF), tracking pricing data for Yellow, Pink, and Blue Fancy Color Diamonds in the major global trading centers – Hong Kong, New York, Geneva, and Tel Aviv.


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