Passion. Rarity. Value. Knowledge. Standardization. Integrity. 

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) seeks to broaden knowledge and cultivate the appreciation and fair trade of fancy color diamonds. We provide timely data, research, tools, and services to leading diamond companies and industry professionals, empowering them to optimize their business abilities in the fancy color diamond arena. As a non-trade organization, we reinvest earnings into further research or donate them to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, fulfilling the dreams of critically ill children.

Our Story

The FCRF is the primary source of objective data and information about fancy color diamonds globally. Our standardization methodology enables us to accurately assess fancy color diamonds’ price behavior and rarity, as well as to evaluate specific diamonds. Dozens of worldwide industry experts contribute to our reports, valuations, studies, and analyses, allowing us to merge data from various sources for the benefit of useful tools and services that reinforce the fancy color diamond category. 

In telling the story of this beautiful and rare natural resource that will soon be extinct, the FCRF promotes the understanding of these unique gems. Our impartial, integrated data and insights make fancy color diamond knowledge accessible, promoting transparency and trust in the industry. 

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