About the FCRF

Formally established in 2014, the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) aims to empower fancy color diamond sellers by improving consumer experience through a new information channel and to provide fact-based support for fancy color diamonds as an asset class.


To achieve these goals, the FCRF:

  • Provides members with unique analytical tools and innovative commercial research
  • Promotes fair and transparent buyer experiences through the Fancy Color Diamond Index
  • Introduces a proprietary method to analyze and compare fancy color diamond rarity


The FCRF strives to implement transparency, fair-trade and high ethical standards to the fancy color diamond wholesale and retail segments, as well as enhance consumer and retail confidence through research and education. FCRF activities trace back to 2005, when transactional fancy color diamond data was first systematically captured.


We are a  self-funded organization and any profits generated by the FCRF from sales of analytic products is either reinvested in research or donated to charity.


The FCRF is staffed by a team of analysts and professional writers. Governed by a board of advisors, the foundation is directed by exceptional individuals representing the various regions and supply chain elements of fancy color diamonds.


The Organization

Miriam (Miri) Chen
Miri Chen is a senior executive with extensive experience in large international companies in the high-tech industry. Miri leads the foundation and focuses on developing and providing its members with innovative solutions and professional services to enhance knowledge and professionalism in the Fancy Color Diamond industry.

Board of Advisors

James R.W. Pounds
President of Dominion Diamond Marketing, EVP of Diamond Sourcing
Jim Pounds is the President of the Marketing arm of Dominion Diamond Marketing and the Executive Vice President of Diamond Sourcing. He joined Dominion in August 2002 as the Managing Director of the company’s Belgian subsidiary. Previously he was a Project Manager for the De Beers Group, following his position as Managing Director of Diamdel Israel, which is De Beers’ direct trading arm in Israel. Prior to the sale of the luxury brand, he managed the diamond and gemstone souring team for Harry Winston.
Ishaia Gol
Owner, Ishaia Trading Corp.
Ishaia Gol is the owner of Ishaia Trading Corp., a diamond company based in New York. Mr. Gol has over 40 years of experience in the large stone and fancy color diamond market. Throughout his expansive career, Mr. Gol has gained an excellent reputation among his peers as an expert in colored diamonds. He has cut and traded some of the most important fancy color diamonds in the world. Mr. Gol's extensive knowledge of the history of fancy color diamonds in the jewelry industry is an esteemed asset to the FCRF.
Eden Rachminov
Chairman, FCRF Board of Advisors President & Managing owner of Rachminov Diamonds 1891
Eden Rachminov is a fancy color diamond expert with over 23 years experience. He is heavily invested in educating jewelers and retailers on all aspects of fancy color diamonds such as color and beauty optimization, pricing methodologies and the investment aspects. In 2010 Mr. Rachminov authored “The Fancy Color Diamond Book” and in 2014 “The Pricing Architecture”. Both best sellers gained international recognition and have been highly praised by leading industry institutions such as the GIA. Eden was awarded for contribution to education by the Natural Color Diamond Association in 2013.
Mr. Ephraim Zion
Managing Owner of DEHRES
Mr. Ephraim Zion is the Managing Director of Dehres. As the most influential fancy color diamantaire in the Far East, he is considered a major industry leader, known for his exceptional collection of white and rare fancy color diamonds, as well as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. He has vast experience both within the industry and with end consumers.   
Having had 5 years’ experience as a diamond cutter in Israel, Ephraim moved to New York where he continued to develop his mastery of cutting large diamonds, becoming one of the most highly skilled and sought-after diamond cutters.
Oren Schneider
CEO, CIRCA; Co-Founder, Adama Partners
Mr. Schneider is the CEO of CIRCA, the leading global buyer of pre-owned high-end jewelry and watches. He also co-founded Adama Partners, an operational venture firm focused on the global gem and jewelry industry. Among Adama’s business interests are Blue Nile, the world’s largest e-commerce engagement ring retailer, and Mondiamo, a diamond jewelry buyback company. Prior to co-founding Adama Partners, Mr. Schneider worked at Bain & Company where he focused on private equity due diligence engagements in the internet, telecom, media and financial institution industries. Prior to Bain & Company, Mr. Schneider co-founded and was EVP of Business Development for Infra-Com Technologies, a fabless wireless chip company. Mr. Schneider holds an MBA from Columbia University Business School and a LLB, BA in Economics from Tel Aviv University.
Independent fancy color diamond specialist
During her 19 years career in the GIA, Siau Fung spent her time in the identification and research department. She was the Supervisor of Colored Diamond Services at GIA for 8 years overseeing the fancy color diamond grading team, the colored diamond origin team, and training for both areas.

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