Established in 2014 with the goal of implementing transparency, fair trade and high ethical standards in the Fancy Color Diamond ecosystem, The FCRF is the first and only B2B organization to collect, sort and analyze wholesale and retail data of Fancy Color Diamonds and is the world’s foremost authority for Fancy Color Diamonds. Exchanging ideas and cultivating a global appreciation of FCD are our core values.

The Foundation offers a member-based online platform that provides members with a variety of innovative tools and services such as Price Index, the Rarity report, proprietary research, and pre-auction analysis. Specific market research and The Fancy Color Valuation Service (based on the actual retail buying price) is offered separately. The Foundation is privileged to have among its members and clients, luxury brands, mining companies, diamond traders, jewelry designers and alternative investment funds.

The FCRF is a non-profit organization, committed to giving back to the community by making an annual donation to the ‘Make A-Wish’ foundation. Additional income is reinvested into research in order to spread the knowledge.

The organization is supported by a highly-valued and experienced Board of Advisors with a very productive and creative management team in Israel and London which also includes analysts, writers, big data experts, gemologists and diamond experts.