Formally established in 2014, the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) aims to empower fancy color diamond sellers by improving consumer experience through a new information channel and providing fact-based support for fancy color diamonds as an asset class.

To achieve these goals, the FCRF: Provides members with unique analytical tools and innovative commercial research Promotes fair and transparent buyer experiences through the Fancy Color Diamond Index
Introduces a proprietary method to analyze and compare fancy color diamond rarity.

The FCRF strives to implement transparency, fair-trade and high ethical standards to the fancy color diamond wholesale and retail segments, as well as enhance consumer and retail confidence through research and education. FCRF activities trace back to 2005, when transactional fancy color diamond data was first systematically captured.

We are a self-funded organization and any profits generated by the FCRF from sales of analytic products is either reinvested in research or donated to charity. Founded by Eden Rachminov and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, the FCRF is staffed by a team of analysts and professional writers. Governed by a board of advisors, the foundation is directed by exceptional individuals representing the various regions and supply chain elements of fancy color diamonds.