Privacy Policy


The Fancy Color Research Foundation places a high priority on the protection of confidential information. This is in order to protect the privacy of its members and employees, as well as  the integrity of the Foundation. 

Confidential Information shall only be accessible to those who are authorized to have access to the information.

This policy applies to all directors, officers, employees, contractors and consultants.

Definition of Confidential Information

Confidential Information includes:

  • Commercially sensitive information as defined by the Antitrust Policy Statement.
  • Fees paid by members.
  • Payments made by members or clients for any additional services provided by the FCRF ad hoc.
  • Auditors’ Certification Recommendations and Summary Reports.
  • Information submitted or gathered in connection with the investigation of a complaint under the FCRF or under the Whistleblower policy.
  • Information related to disciplinary proceedings against Members or Auditors.
  • Information covered by confidentiality agreements.
  • Personnel records of FCRF employees or any other information of a personal nature.
  • Any other information that is provided in confidence, or would be reasonably considered to be confidential based on generally accepted ethical and business practices.

FCRF Employees, Directors, Officers,  Consultants and Contractors’ Duties

All directors, officers, employees, consultants and contractors who are in possession of Confidential Information shall ensure that they are:

  • Authorized to have access to the information; and
  • Take all reasonable actions to protect the security of the information, commensurate with the sensitivity of the information.

No person who is in possession of Confidential Information shall be subjected to pressure or intimidation to disclose the information to a third party if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the other party is not authorized to receive the information. If a person acquires unauthorized access to Confidential Information, they shall take immediate steps to delete or destroy the information, preventing any continued access to it, and, where applicable, inform the provider of the information that it was received without authorization and has been deleted or destroyed.

Disciplinary Action

Any person who deliberately or negligently contravenes this policy may be subject to disciplinary action and/or legal proceedings according to Israeli law.

FCRF Logo Management

The Fancy Color Research Foundation sets rules for the use of the Fancy Color Research Foundation Logo, Trademarks and Intellectual Property. Contact for more information.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”) for use of the Website. The user should review the Terms, as using this Site and any dispute arising under this Privacy Policy is subject to the provisions contained therein.  By accessing the Site, the user is expressing his consent to the provisions of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy summarizes the type of information, including personally identifiable information, that the FCRF collects through the Site and how the FCRF may use that information. By using the Site, the user consents to the collection and use of this information by the FCRF.

Collection and Use of Information

For each visitor to the Site, the FCRF web server automatically recognizes and collects the domain name of the user’s internet provider and other information (but not the user email address), which does not identify the user personally. This information may be used to improve the content and usefulness of the Site and for marketing purposes.

The FCRF also collects, retains in its database, and uses information voluntarily provided by the user under the following circumstances:

  1. As a rule, viewing the Site is anonymous and the user is not obliged to give any personal details. In order to receive some of the Services made available on the Site, the user will be required to give various personally identifying details (the “Identification Details”), such as a name, address, email address and mailing address. In addition, for the purpose of providing the Services and in order to make it easier for the user to receive the Services, the FCRF may use “cookie” technology that will store certain information on the user’s device. This helps us provide you with an optimal experience when you browse our Site and also allows us to improve our Site. The user is not obliged to give any details to the FCRF, save if and insofar as he wishes to do so. However, it may not be possible to use certain features of the Site without giving the details noted in the forms as compulsory fields.
  2. Identification Details shall be retained by the FCRF, which shall use them subject to the provisions of applicable law.
  3. The FCRF, and those with whom it contracts, may use the Identifying Details given by the user on registering for the Services, and/or at the time of using the Services, in order to contact the user and keep him up to date regarding other services offered by the FCRF or by others with whom the FCRF has contracted. The FCRF may also use information provided by users as part of the statistical data stored by it for its internal uses and/or as part of the data transferred to a third party. This is provided that the information transferred to third parties does not identify the user by his name or other Identification Details.

The FCRF may also disclose your Identification Details in response to legal processes, such as a court order or subpoena.  Any Identification Details that you provide may be transferred in a merger, acquisition, restructuring, or other corporate transaction involving the FCRF or its assets.

Security of the Site

The FCRF takes reasonable precautions to secure the Site, including the Identification Details given by users, for the purpose of receiving the Services. Nonetheless, particularly because the Site is connected to the Internet, the Site, the information systems, and communication cannot be fully secured against penetration by unauthorized entities.  A user giving Identification Details that are required in order to receive the Services must take this fact into account before giving such details.

The FCRF shall not bear any liability if, despite its reasonable security precautions, the Site and/or the Identification Details given by users are accessed illegally or without authorization, including liability for use of Identification Details by anyone who has obtained the information illegally or without authorization.

Changes and Modifications

The FCRF reserves the right to change or replace this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be posted here before the new Privacy Policy becomes effective. Please review this page periodically to remain apprised of our current policies and practices.

Updating Your Information

Upon written request, we will provide you with the Identification Details that we have collected and maintained about you. You can review and/or update this information through the personal portfolio page using the “update details” button.


The Site may contain links to other sites. The FCRF has no control over the information and privacy policies and practices of those websites, and is not responsible for their content, collection and use of information, or freedom from errors or viruses. It is your responsibility to recognize, by paying attention to your browser’s address bar, when you are leaving the site.