The Fancy Color Diamond Book

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“I recognize the tremendous value of this book, [which does] a masterful job in this very important contribution to the literature on these glorious gems. 

This book is aimed at the novice collector, seasoned connoisseur, and experienced jeweler.”

Bill Boyajian, former GIA President 

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The story of fancy color diamonds weaves together history, geology, aesthetics, and tradition. 

This book is both a comprehensive, practical guide as well as a luxurious coffee table book to savor. It tells the story of earth’s most precious gems and celebrates their beauty and uniqueness.

This book took over four years to compile and it draws upon our team’s extensive experience and research knowledge. It is highly readable and includes page after page of stunning images and detailed descriptions. Whether you are a retail jeweler, investor, collector, designer, or simply an avid admirer of diamonds, you will find that this book is one-of-a-kind. 

Drill down into the details of grading, clarity, and the unique challenges of cutting fancy color diamonds. Unearth the magnificent range and diversity of these rare, sought-after gems.


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    Price: $275

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