Ephraim Zion

Ephraim Zion is the Managing Director of Dehres. As the most influential fancy color diamantaire in the Far East, he is considered a major industry leader, known for his exceptional collection of white and rare fancy color diamonds, as well as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. He has vast experience both within the industry and with end consumers. Having […]
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Eden Rachminov, Chairman of the BOARD

Eden Rachminov is a fancy color diamond expert with over 20 years of experience. He is heavily invested in educating jewelers and retailers on all aspects of fancy color diamonds out of the firm belief that consumer confidence in fancy color diamonds is dependent on the profound understanding of these gems. Mr. Rachminov authored The […]
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James R.W. Pounds

Jim Pounds is the President of the Marketing arm of Dominion Diamond Marketing and the Executive Vice President of Diamond Sourcing. He joined Dominion in August 2002 as the Managing Director of the company’s Belgian subsidiary. Previously he was a Project Manager for the De Beers Group, following his position as Managing Director of Diamdel […]
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Ishaia Gol

Ishaia Gol is the owner of Ishaia Trading Corp., a diamond company based in New York. Mr. Gol has over 40 years of experience in the large stone and fancy color diamond market. Throughout his expansive career, Mr. Gol has gained an excellent reputation among his peers as an expert in colored diamonds. He has […]
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Kim Levy

Ms. Levy is the Operations Manager for the Fancy Color Research Foundation. In the past Kim worked as an office manager and personal assistant to the CEO at a large data security company. She is currently earning her B.A degree in Social Sciences at Ramat Gan University and has a Graphic Designer accreditation from John Bryce Tel Aviv.
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Oren Schneider

Mr. Schneider co-founded Adama Partners, a venture firm and advisory boutique focused on the global gem and jewelry industry. At Adama Partners, he leads a number of new ventures and is responsible for strategic advisory accounts. Prior to co-founding Adama Partners, Mr. Schneider worked at Bain & Company where he focused on private equity due […]
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Our Strategic Advisor

Adama Partners – Adama Partners is a strategic management consultancy firm focusing on the international diamond and jewelry industries.
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