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Auction Results: December 6th, 2023, Christies’s New York

By FCRF Team | 06.12.23
Auction Results: December 6th, 2023, Christies’s New York

Magnificent Jewels 

Following our Pre-Auction Analysis:  Christie’s “Magnificent Jewels please find the results below.

Lot Description Quality Remark Result $
6 8.34 ct, F.D.B-Y, MQ, VVS2. $5,742 pc
7 8.31 ct, F.V.Y, EM, VS1. Strong blue fluorescence $30,325 pc
12 19.18 ct, F.Y, OV, SI1. Low color dispersion $302,400 Total
24 PAIR OF COLORED DIAMOND AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: 11.96 ct, F.V.O-Y, OV , VS1 and 12.2 ct, F.V.O-Y, OV , VVS2. Withdrawn from auction
30 2.06 ct, F.V.O, OV, I1. I1 clarity $360,874 pc
31 2.06 ct, F.D.B, PS, VS1. Gray undertone $581,068 pc
38 4.31 ct, F.D.Bluish Gray, PS, IF. Didn't reach the minimum
39 7.06 ct, L.P, MQ , VVS2 . $67,819 pc
47 1.35 ct, F.D.P, BR, SI1. $168,000 pc
48 2.16 ct, F.D.B, BR, VVS2. Didn't reach the minimum
52 5.16 ct, F.V.Y/O, PS , VS2. $326,260 pc
70 18.02 ct, F.D.B-Y, EM, VS2. $10,489 pc
74 12.03 ct, F.I.Y, Square, VVS1. Low dispersion $201,600 Total
76 61.47 ct, F.G/Y, Rad, VS2. Clouds impact translucency - low dispersion $25,419 pc
97 1.4 ct, F.D.Gray-B, EM, VVS1. $171,000 pc
99 3.49 ct, F.V.B, CU , IF. $1,574,499 pc
133 COLORED DIAMOND AND DIAMOND EARRINGS: 0.8 ct, F.Y, CU , VS1; 0.95 ct, F.Y, CU , VS1; 1.26 ct, F.Y, CU , VVS2 and 1.43 ct, F.L.Y, CU , VVS1. $52,920 Total
134 6.01 ct, F.I.Y, Rad, SI1. $75,600 Total

If you missed the pre-auction analysis, click here.


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