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Auction Results: December 7th, 2022, Sotheby’s NY

By FCRF Team | 07.12.22
Auction Results: December 7th, 2022, Sotheby’s NY

Magnificent Jewels

Following our Pre-Auction Analysis: Sotheby’s – “Magnificent Jewels” please find the results below.

Lot Description Quality Remark Result $
10 3.69 ct, F.Gray-B, CU, SI2 $273,171
12 3.71 ct, F.P, CU, VS2 Brown undertone $161,321
29 10.67 ct, F.Gray, EM, SI1 Heavy graining $103,918
43 5.46 ct, F.V.Y, OV, VVS2 $50,770
54 2.08 ct, F.I.B, CU, VS2 Low inner-Grade Didn't reach the minimum
55 3.24 ct, F.V.B, CU, IF Withdrawn from auction
63 14.28 ct, F.I.Y, EM, VVS1 Low inner-grade. 72% depth $25,589
76 303.10 ct, F.D.B/Y, PS, IF  $40,875
97 7.81 ct total, comprised of 2 ​F O/P, PS​ diamonds - ​4.35 ct, IF​, and​ 3.46 ct​, ​VS2 Low compatibility $125,839
103 2.05 ct, F.V.Y, BR, VS1 Low undertone $27,659
104 3.01 ct, F.D.Y-G, CU, SI1 $18,838
106 3.24 ct, F.V Y/O, PS, I1 I1 Clarity $105,000
107 2.01 ct, F.B, BR, IF Low color dispersion $313,433
154 30.29 ct, F.Y, BR, VVS2 Low dispersion $28,703
161 31.20 ct, F.I.Y, Rad, VS1 Low inner-grade, Low Dispersion $29,077

If you missed the pre-auction analysis, click here.


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