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Auction Results: February 3, 2023, Sotheby’s HK

By FCRF Team | 03.02.23
Auction Results: February 3, 2023, Sotheby’s HK

Important Jewels

Following our Pre-Auction Analysis: Sotheby’s – “Important Jewels” please find the results below.

Lot Description Quality Remark Realized pc
222 5.08 ct, F.I Y, MQ, VS1 $20,712
233 16.18 ct total - a pair F.I Y, Rad, 8.14 ct VS1 and 8.04 ct VVS2 Low dispersion and low comparability. $23,010
254 10.02 ct, F B/Y, EM, VS2 Didn't reach the minimum
262 8.88 ct, Faint P, Rad, IF $65,624
265 13.03 ct, F.I Y, EM, VS1 Low color dispersion $32,299
274 15.05 ct, F.I Y, OV, SI1 $27,964
289 7.01 ct, F.V Y, EM, VVS2 Low color dispersion, strong blue fluorescence $41,562
292 3.67 ct, F B, CU, VS2 Low inner grade Didn't reach the minimum
294 33.03 ct, F Y, OV, VS2 $18,132
307 5.55 ct, F.L B, Rad, IF Didn't reach the minimum
308 5.30 ct, F.L P, PS, VS2 Didn't reach the minimum
317 8.08 ct, F.V Y, EM, VS2 Low color dispersion, green undertone Didn't reach the minimum

If you missed the pre-auction analysis, click here.


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