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Lab-Grown Diamonds – The Eco-Friendly Myth

By FCRF Team | 10.12.23
Lab-Grown Diamonds – The Eco-Friendly Myth

The marketing strategy of lab-grown diamond companies, which emphasizes their products’ eco-friendliness, skillfully taps into the current environmental hype. However, this focus shifts attention away from a crucial fact: lab-grown diamonds are produced in energy-intensive large-scale printers. These printers were initially developed for creating superconductors from a material that imitates a diamond crystal. This shift in the conversation, from the inherent symbolism of natural diamonds to an emphasis on eco-friendliness, highlights the only narrative a printed diamond can offer jewelry consumers. Unfortunately, even this part of the narrative is not true.

When considering the purchase of a printed diamond, it’s important to remember these 5 points:

#1 Historical Significance and Symbolism:

Natural diamonds have long been symbols of success, status, and achievement, their allure stemming from the challenges of sourcing them from remote, untouched landscapes.


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