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Laurelton tenders a collection of Fancy Color Diamond Melee

By FCRF Team | 22.08.23
Laurelton tenders a collection of Fancy Color Diamond Melee

Laurelton’s Collection of Fancy Color Diamond Melee

In an invitation-only presentation that has garnered significant anticipation, Laurelton Diamonds Inc., recognized for its affiliation with the esteemed LVMH Group, is preparing to unveil a collection of high-quality natural fancy color diamond melee.

This exceptional tender of fancy color melee is the first time it is being offered by Laurelton.

The Laurelton Diamonds Inc. Polished Tender offers a select opportunity for attendees to discover this carefully curated selection of pink, blue, and assorted fancy color melee diamonds.

This gathering, marked by an understated refinement, allows guests to appreciate the craftsmanship and precision that has become synonymous with the Laurelton brand. Distinguished by its exclusivity, the event will take place across two prominent locations – Laurelton’s New York corporate offices and the reputable Koin Tender Facility in Antwerp. The “by invitation only” nature of the tender underscores its selectiveness, an acknowledgment of the discerning taste of those who value such exceptional gems.

The selection of fancy color melee diamonds spans a range of hues and intensities, reflecting Laurelton’s commitment to providing attendees with a refined experience. A detailed listing of these exquisite stones is available for review, providing potential participants with insight into the offerings.

For prospective attendees, the flexibility to schedule viewings ensures a personalized encounter with the collection. New York viewings will be held from August 23rd to August 25th, while Antwerp viewings are scheduled from September 4th to September 8th. This approach allows participants to engage at their own pace.

The Laurelton Diamonds Inc. Polished Tender provides a unique opportunity to explore and potentially acquire these exceptional fancy color diamond melee. For those interested in participating, arranging a viewing can be facilitated by reaching out to

Set against the backdrop of the renowned LVMH Group, the event encapsulates the brand’s dedication to offering a sophisticated encounter with the world of fancy color diamond melee. 

Beyond the stones themselves, the presentation echoes the brand’s commitment to delivering an elegant and refined experience.

Bids for this auction will be blind with no minimums and the auction results will be announced Tuesday, September 12th.




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