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Diamond Insights: New Fancy Coloured Diamonds Index Shows Coloured Diamonds Have Increased By 167% In Value Since Jan 2005

By Michael Elhyani | 18.11.14
Diamond Insights: New Fancy Coloured Diamonds Index Shows Coloured Diamonds Have Increased By 167% In Value Since Jan 2005

By Louis Barker


A new index by The Fancy Colour Research Foundation (FCRF) shows that fancy colour diamonds have delivered strong and consistent price increases, outperforming key global asset indices, since 2005. 


The Fancy Colour Diamond Index has been developed by the FCRF from proprietary access to tens of thousands of fancy colour diamond transactions since 2005, and will be released on a quarterly basis. The index aims to provide greater knowledge and understanding of fancy colour diamond pricing trends to jewellery retail, wholesale and mining industries.


The first index shows that fancy colour diamonds, across pinks, yellows and blues, have increased in value by 167% on average since January 2005, outperforming other leading asset classes in a similar period.


It also shows that pink diamonds have shown the greatest growth in value, up by 360% in the last nine years, with blues showing less dramatic but equally consistent growth of a 161% value increase. Both pink and blue diamonds were unaffected by the global financial crisis, with blues keeping their value and pinks still increasing through 2008-2010.


The index puts this growth down to the “changing dynamics of global wealth”, notably the fast paced growth of emerging markets and the appeal of fancy colour diamonds as an investment product.


Eden Rachminov, member of the board of advisor’s for the FCRF, said: “The launch of the Fancy Color Research Foundation is in response to the growth in fancy colour diamonds transactions and the resulting need for greater education, understanding and clarity in the industry. “The process and skills for evaluating fancy color diamonds are unique to this exceptional product. As a result there is a need to clarify misconceptions and to highlight the differences to evaluating colourless diamonds.”


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