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Pre-Auction Analysis: August 7th-17th, 2023, Christie’s, NY online

By FCRF Team | 15.08.23
Pre-Auction Analysis: August 7th-17th, 2023, Christie’s, NY online

Jewels Online: Summer Sparkle

Welcome to our exclusive Auction Analysis for Christie’s “Jewels Online: Summer Sparkle” event tomorrow is the last day to place your bids. In a departure from our customary approach, this online auction requires us to explore the offerings without our traditional visual asset rankings, adapting our analysis based on the auction’s images.

Members who read this analysis should see it as a  supplement to the GIA report. 

For your convenience, we have added direct links to diamonds’ GIA reports, FCRF rarity stats, and to the Diary report landing page to explore everything you need to know on each fancy color diamond. .

  • All images in this analysis were taken by Christie’s 
  • All auction valuations are per-carat and listed in US Dollars.
This analysis reflects the opinions of the FCRF professional team. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or not buy a particular diamond. Buyers assume the responsibility of verifying any information with the auction house. At times, mistakes can happen in the visual analysis and report placement. Therefore, one should not rely solely on this analysis for buying purposes.

Lot: 10

Description: 6.74 ct, Fancy Yellow diamond, cut-cornered rectangular, SI1 clarity Rarity, GIA


A 6.74ct fancy yellow radiant cut diamond with a 77% table and a 64% depth, a combination that makes the diamond appear relatively larger. According to the Diary of this diamond, the face-up is 12% larger for radiant cut diamonds with a similar weight. The SI1 clarity is due to a feather on the girdle, penetrating into the crown.

The laser inscription on the girdle indicates that the diamond was manufactured for GRAFF

High Auction Estimation: $10,385 pc

Price Realized: $12,223 pc


Lot: 12

Description: 3.04 ct, Fancy Intense Yellow, Cushion, VS1 clarity, Rarity, GIA


A 3.04ct fancy intense yellow elongated cushion shape diamond with a Fair symmetry. From the images we received, it appears to have a prominent green undertone. The 70% depth is not very unusual for elongated cushion shapes.

High Auction Estimation: $9,868 pc

Price Realized: $7,046 pc


Lot: 17

18.00 ct, Fancy pink-brown, rectangular, VVS2 clarity, Rarity, GIA


An 18.00ct diamond with brown body color and approximately 40% of pink color in the mix. Most of the crown is colorless with two dark reflections on each side. The 58% depth is unusually low for a fancy color cushion shape, a feature that makes it appear larger in relation to its weight. 

High Auction Estimation: $33,333 pc

Price Realized: $32,200 pc


Lot: 23

Description: 51.75ct, Fancy Vivid Yellow, Step cut cushion, VS1 clarity, Rarity, GIA


A very large vivid yellow diamond with an outline of a cushion shape and a facet alignment of a step cut. The crown of the diamond seems to be steep and the diamond’s depth is 76%. Depths over 70% are rarely seen in large square diamonds and make them appear relatively smaller. According to the stone’s diary, this square vivid yellow appears 18% smaller than cushion-shaped diamonds with a similar weight.

High Auction Estimation: $48,309 pc

Price Realized: $38,844 pc


Lot: 30

Description: 10.03 ct, Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion, VVS1 clarity, Rarity, GIA


A 10.03ct fancy intense yellow cushion with a large colorless crown and scattered colorless patches. According to the Diamond Diary, it appears 6% larger than cushion shaped diamonds  with a similar weight.

High Auction Estimation: $24,925 pc

Price Realized:$20,099 pc


Lot: 31

Description: 10.26 carats, Fancy Deep Orangy Pink, Oval, IF clarity, Rarity, GIA


A large and rare pink diamond with an orange modifier. It seems that color dispersion is high although it has a 51% depth. According to the Diamond Diary, the face-up appearance is 40% larger in relation to oval diamonds with a similar weight.

High Auction Estimation: $214,424 pc

Price Realized: $167,621 pc


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