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Pre-Auction Analysis: August 7th-17th, 2023, Christie’s, NY online

By FCRF Team | 15.08.23
Pre-Auction Analysis: August 7th-17th, 2023, Christie’s, NY online

Jewels Online: Summer Sparkle

Welcome to our exclusive Auction Analysis for Christie’s “Jewels Online: Summer Sparkle” event tomorrow is the last day to place your bids. In a departure from our customary approach, this online auction requires us to explore the offerings without our traditional visual asset rankings, adapting our analysis based on the auction’s images.

Members who read this analysis should see it as a  supplement to the GIA report. 

For your convenience, we have added direct links to diamonds’ GIA reports, FCRF rarity stats, and to the Diary report landing page to explore everything you need to know on each fancy color diamond. .

  • All images in this analysis were taken by Christie’s 
  • All auction valuations are per-carat and listed in US Dollars.
This analysis reflects the opinions of the FCRF professional team. It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or not buy a particular diamond. Buyers assume the responsibility of verifying any information with the auction house. At times, mistakes can happen in the visual analysis and report placement. Therefore, one should not rely solely on this analysis for buying purposes.

Lot: 10

Description: 6.74 ct, Fancy Yellow diamond, cut-cornered rectangular, SI1 clarity Rarity, GIA


A 6.74ct fancy yellow radiant cut diamond with a 77% table and


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