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Pre-Auction Analysis: Christie’s Hong Kong 2016

By The FCRF Team | 30.05.16
Pre-Auction Analysis: Christie’s Hong Kong 2016

Christie’s Hong Kong

Our pre-auction analyses focus on visual elements that are not expressed on the GIA report, such as “inner-grade”, “undertone” and “color dispersion”. We use grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4+ to evaluate these features. It is often difficult to identify such characteristics when viewing stones in an auction catalogue. The FCRF is delighted to see that our readers are embracing the 1-4+ grading system.

Please note that all photos were taken with an iPhone 6.

Lot 2073: Fancy Vivid Green, 5.03 carats

High Estimate, Price-Per-Carat: $3,976,143

IMG_5308This 5.03 carat Fancy Vivid Green diamond is one of the largest Vivid Green diamonds seen at auction in recent years. Though the GIA generally employs softer grading criteria when determining a green stone’s intensity level, this Vivid Green diamond exhibits a relatively high inner grade (grade 3). The green color is quite solid, does not display a yellowish undertone (grade 4) and has above average color dispersion (grade 3). While it does not accurately correspond to its image in the catalogue, this stone has a high quality of color.

Interestingly, we observed that the large open and polished culet appears to be completely green. When looking at the bottom of the ring, we noticed that a small gold cup covers the culet, which indicates that the mounting creates a green reflection to eliminate the typical colorless window commonly seen in stones with large polished culets.

We recommend that buyers unmount the stone before making a decision to purchase.


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