Pre-Auction Impressions: April 21st 2015, Sotheby’s New York

By The FCRF Team | 21.04.15
Pre-Auction Impressions: April 21st 2015, Sotheby’s New York

Sotheby’s New York

Lot #134

Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring, Tiffany & Co. High catalog estimation: $80,000 per carat

Price Realized:  $106,250 pc

Today Sotheby’s featured a 5.15 ct, square shaped, Fancy Intense Yellow, VS2 stone. The diamond is a high quality stone with even color dispersion. Though graded as Fancy Intense Yellow, the inner-grade saturation is not very strong and has no brown or green undertones, which produces a clear yellow color. The stone is cut with high crown angles and a small table, creating a distinctive antique look.

Lot #362

Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond and Sapphire Ring. High catalog estimation: $3,500,000 per carat

Price Realized:  $2,410,000 pc

This 6.24 ct, pear shaped, Fancy Purplish Pink, VVS2 ring features an attractive pink diamond with a pleasant, sweet undertone. The color dispersion appears to be even, but of course the mounting plays a role in minimizing the extent of visible colorless patches. The contrast with dark blue sapphires flanked on each side of the stone weakens the intensity of the pink.

Lot #366

Fancy Blue Diamond and Colored Diamond Ring. High catalog estimation: $4,500,000 per carat

Price Realized: Didn’t reach the minimum

Another standout is a 6.06 ct, oval shaped, Fancy Blue, VVS2, mixed-cut ring. This blue diamond (pictured above) has a clear color with a very low grey undertone. The mixed-cut presents an awkward appearance because the table is extremely small, which creates low color dispersion around the stone.


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