The Fancy Color Light Tray

Price: $2,270

When you place a piece of jewelry in your perfectly lighted showcase, it glitters beautifully, but when presenting it to your customer, the lighting might be different and could create a disappointment. The Fancy color light tray will maintain the same lighting effect anywhere you present your piece of jewelry. The light tray is ideal in case you need to make a private presentation in a hotel room or a customer’s house.

The fancy color light tray comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and lasts up to 8 hours. You can instantly modify its light from very warm (yellow) to very cold (white) light. It was specially designed for anyone selling a variety of high-end jewelry such as colorless diamonds, colored precious stones and particularly fancy color diamonds which require lighting flexibility. After your successful presentation, the LED arm disappears into the tray’s frame and can be easily stored. Printing your brand logo on the tray is optional.


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    Price: $2,270

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