The Geographic Cutting Fingerprint for Fancy Color

By The FCRF Team | 17.06.15
The Geographic Cutting Fingerprint for Fancy Color

Traditions, rituals and cultural identities are inherent within the cut of a fancy color diamond.

After years of analyzing fancy color, it is conclusive that there are explicit differences in the way stones are polished on different continents. Over time and after thorough examination, specific stylistic patterns have emerged. Though a novice will not detect it, some experienced professionals will occasionally identify subtle differences and features.


These recurring characteristics do not add value but rather increase depth of knowledge, tell the story of a stone and determine its cutting origin. Whether hailing from Belgium, India, Israel or the United States, the telltale signs detected within the cut of a fancy color diamond speak to the distinct artistry exemplified in diamond centers all over the world.


Unlike colorless diamonds, fancy color stones are cut “freestyle”. The characteristics listed below refer primarily to cushions and radiants, as it is easiest to spot nuances in these common shapes. Most fancy color cushions and radiants tend to look very similar, regardless of where they were polished – but many carry a distinct geographic polish fingerprint.

Fancy color polished in Antwerp, Belgium


Characteristics: A typical Belgian cut is characterized by the absence of a colorless frame, a very low crown, large table and high depth percentage due to the steep four walls on the bottom of the stone. The “berlandere” facets on the pavilion are ...

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