By FCRF Team | 28.12.21

Interview with Alrosa, one of the world’s largest rough diamond producers, about their new distribution channel for fancy color diamonds

Investment banks serving as a link in the diamond trade-chain between a diamond wholesale source and private clients is not a new practice. However, connecting a mining company directly to private clients has never been done before. Alrosa recently forged a groundbreaking partnership with an investment bank


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    By the time your grandchildren buy their first diamond, most mines will have reached the end of their life cycle and most diamonds will be sourced from the second-hand market. These circumstances will make the pre-owned diamond arena the largest “mine” in the world. The vast majority of the world’s unearthed diamonds are located 150-750 […]
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    The Risk in Fancy Color Diamond Manufacturing
    In this article FCRF continues to raise awareness about issues that are generally hidden from the professional public. In a unique achievement, FCRF was able to get hold of a fully documented case in which the polishing of a high value stone went terribly wrong, with photos that illustrate each stage. This is an exceptional opportunity to illustrate the risks that manufacturers face and the possible gloomy outcome.
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    Overview of the Fancy Color Diamond Market (2005-2014)
    The alternative asset class of Fancy Color Diamonds (FCDs) has exhibited strong growth between 2005 and 2014. FCDs, across pink, yellow and blue colors have increased in value by 167% on average between January 2005 and September 2014.
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