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Andrew Shirley

FCRF is the exclusive supplier of color diamond data to the market-leading Knight Frank Wealth Report and Luxury Investment Index and provides unique insights into this important asset class
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Giuseppe Varriale

At BULGARI we provide our clients with the full story. behind every fancy color diamond. The Diary Report is a powerful tool that successfully achieves this purpose
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William Huang

We have been dealing with Fancy Color diamonds for 30 years, but see that only the FCRF can provide the most in-depth information on the industry. The rarity tool is so helpful that our clients understand how valuable the stone is quantitatively. We believe the FCRF team will bring much more contribution to the Fancy […]
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Harsh Maheshwari, G.G.

Since Kunming’s association with the FCRF we were able to enhance customer’s appreciation for Natural Fancy Color diamonds, and to be more transparent with data, by using the FCRF digital tools. It is educative, informative, and provides professional research that enable us to share knowledge with our sales teams and clients.
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Mart Diamonds

“We sell diamonds. But we use to say is that we are providing happiness. However, it is not that easy. The Clients need much more than just a diamonds and their gemological certificates. They need education and product awareness. FCRF rarity tool helps our business to build consumer consciousness and confidence. FCRF helps us to […]
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Deepak Sheth

“The Fancy Color Research Foundation is the definitive authority on natural fancy color diamonds. FCRF has provided my business with invaluable insight and data that helps us make informed decisions. We commend the FCRF team on providing exceptional research and commentary.”
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Nicole Snitman

“We really like the rarity tool on the FCRF site. It has been quite beneficial for us when we are selling a diamond because we can visibly quantify to our clients just how valuable these diamonds are. We already know how beautiful and rare natural fancy color diamonds are – but to show someone an […]
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Philippe Scordia

“CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE is highly invested in educating our global sales staff on the beauty and rarity of fancy color diamonds. The cooperation with the FCRF, allowing us access to innovative products, would serve to deepen and expand our educational capabilities in the future.”
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