Pre-Auction Analysis: Geneva, May 14th 2019, Sotheby’s and May 15th 2019, Christie’s

By FCRF Team | 13.05.19
Pre-Auction Analysis: Geneva, May 14th 2019, Sotheby’s and May 15th 2019, Christie’s

Pre-Auction Analyses: Geneva Sotheby’s May 14th, Christie’s May 15th, 2019

Our Pre-Auction Analysis focuses on elements that are hidden from the unprofessional eye. As always, we will describe the important visual elements for those who cannot attend the preview. We will discuss characteristics such as Undertone, Color Dispersion, and Inner-Grade (UDI; a detailed explanation appears at the bottom of this article). When we analyze and grade any Fancy Color Diamond it is always done in relation to its GIA description.

We use grades 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1 being the lowest grade. Grade + is granted in rare cases and stands for stones with an exceptional characteristic. Stones that receive a minimum total UDI score of 8, without a red remark, are considered to be “Gems” and are generally sought after by high-end jewelry, collectors and the investment community.

For your convenience, we have added direct links for the GIA reports.

  • All images in this article review were taken with an iPhone 10, no filters were applied.
  • All auction valuations are per carat and in US Dollars.

Sotheby’s, Geneva, Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, May 14th

Lot # 441

20.01 carat Fancy Intense Yellow, radiant cut , VVS1  High catalog estimation: $25,080 pc, GIA # 1192679129

Price Realized: 23,826 pc

A large, Fancy Intense Yellow with a solid Inner-Grade, an average undertone and make with some colorless areas on the face up view 


Color Dispersion

Undertone Quality Remark


            3         3                v

Total Visual Score: Total Visual Score: 9 out of 12

Lot # 437

1.01 carat Fancy Intense Pink brilliant-cut, High catalog estimation: $99,380pc GIA #8725091

Price Realized: $211,183 pc

Round, brilliant cut, pink diamonds, above one carat, are very rare in the marketplace, especially in the ‘Intense’ category. However, because this size is sought after, whoever polished this pink diamond had to ...

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