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Why are Zimmi Vivid Yellow Diamonds So Special?

The FCRF continually brings members the highest quality data in order to add more talking points to the fancy color diamond sales process. As part of these efforts, we have asked a preeminent diamond expert to shed light on one of the most desirable items in the fancy color world: The exceptional Vivid Yellow diamonds that are mined next to a small village by the name of Zimmi in Sierra Leone. This article explains why these stones have unique saturation that fetches extremely high prices.
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Pre-Auction Analysis: 2016, Sotheby’s Hong Kong

According to our Rarity Evaluator this rare diamond receives a “One of-a-kind” grade. New pink (or purple pink) diamonds in the intense grade above 5 carat come into the market once every few years. Internally flawless pink diamonds represent 7% of all pink diamonds
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The Risk in Fancy Color Diamond Manufacturing

In this article FCRF continues to raise awareness about issues that are generally hidden from the professional public. In a unique achievement, FCRF was able to get hold of a fully documented case in which the polishing of a high value stone went terribly wrong, with photos that illustrate each stage. This is an exceptional opportunity to illustrate the risks that manufacturers face and the possible gloomy outcome.
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Pre-Auction Analysis: Christie’s Hong Kong 2016

This 5.03 carat Fancy Vivid Green diamond is one of the largest Vivid Green diamonds seen at auction in recent years. Though the GIA generally employs softer grading criteria when determining a stone’s intensity level, this Vivid Green diamond exhibits a relatively high inner grade (grade 3).
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Pre-Auction Analysis: May 17th 2016, Sotheby’s Geneva

This Vivid Pink has quite a low inner-grade (grade 2). The undertone is warm, leaning towards the orange spectrum (grade 2). The color dispersion is very high and earned a grade of 4. The GIA photograph in the Sotheby’s catalogue is the most accurate reference for this stone’s undertone (p 358-359).
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Using the Right ‘Tool Box’

Whether you are a diamond dealer or a sales person in a jewelry store, the 4C’s system is the first and only methodology used for classifying colorless diamonds. Efficient and easy to employ, each category in the system has its own hierarchy. Once its basic principles are understood, anyone can evaluate a colorless diamond accompanied with a report.
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‘Bubbles’ in Diamonds?

Although this article does not discuss fancy color diamonds it is a relevant topic for all diamond industry professionals, as this phenomenon is very common in fancy color, particularly in pink diamonds.
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